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A Few Things to Share

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We’ve been a scouting family now since mid-September 2009. As a new cub dad and volunteer, I’ll share a bit of what we have learned thus far.

1. Reinforcing the uniform. As my son puts his cub scout uniform on, he begins to wind himself up preparing for the den or pack meeting. There is just no sitting still for my cub when he knows that in a short while, he will be hanging out with his den buddies. I am unsure why this happens, but the buttons on his uniform have been popping off. I have to think that it is a combination of hard play and weak stitching. I sat down this week and reinforced the stitching on the buttons on his uniform. Sounds silly to even mention this, but I love the idea that my son is slowing wearing out the uniform meeting by meeting. I guess I am too new to understand how a Cub Scout Pack can have an experienced uniform closet for new cubs. I just hope we can make it through the Wolf program without losing a sleeve or collar.

2. What to do with the Trails End Popcorn tin. We were introduced to Trails End Popcorn fund-raising on our first night of scouting. Of course we bought a tin for the family to enjoy. This was his kickoff sale. The popcorn arrived and Ben signed thank you notes on the backside of a 4″ x 6″ photo of himself in uniform. Ben asked for the large metal popcorn tin to store his cub hat, belt, kerchief, slide and book. What a great idea! Once you get into cub scouting, you’ll want to keep the uniform together.

You have just invested a hundred bucks getting him to the first meeting so why not keep all of parts together in once place. It will take only one night where you arrive at home with only time for a quick sandwich then off to a den meeting. You don’t need to get riled up and torked because your son does not take enough care for his the uniform to find all half-dozen pieces of it in time to leave the house. Dad, use the tin to store everything but the shirt, pants, and brag vest.

3. There’s an app for that! While I don’t own an iPhone, I do own and use an iPod Touch. I heard a podcast promo for a free app named Brag Vest in the Apple iTunes App Store. This is a very simple program that will help you check off your cub’s accomplished achievements. While it does not and should not replace the rank specific cub book, it is a great app to have in ‘the field’ when you are out and about. You can be out of the house with your cub book back in the Popcorn tin in your son’s room, but you will have handy a list of what your den leader asked the two of you to accomplish as a required achievement.

4. Cub Scout podcasts. I have been an AVID podcast listener/supported for 5 years now. I listen only to podcasts when commuting to and from work. Soon after signing up for cub scouting, I found the podcasts of PTC Media. If an hour a week is not enough for you cub dad, head over to the Pack, Troop, and Crew community that is PTC Media.

  1. Joy
    February 25, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    Great blog – have enjoyed reading it!

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